Christophe RobinChristophe Robin

"When I first met Christophe it was love at first sight. Beyond his very friendly personality, Christophe and I share an innate sense of aestheticism as well as a real passion for our work.

Even though he is known as THE colorist to the stars and his work is world renown, Christophe invariably puts all of his talent and hard work at the service of each of his clients. It therefore comes as no surprise that I recommend Christophe's services to my most particular clients.

He has also recently launched an elite line of products made with natural ingredients that I highly recommend."

Martine de Richeville

Christophe Robin / Paris - BruSSELs



"I first met Tatiana Tournemine in 2001, she was opening her first Parisian art-gallery Rue du Faubourg St Honoré, two steps away from Boulevard Malesherbes where I was going to open my flagship practice two years later. We immediately realised our routes were very similar and we had a common taste for beautiful things.

I helped her with my hands during her ascent in the word of art and, in return, she generously offered to decorate our practices with some of her finest pieces.

It is always a renewed pleasure for my patients and me to admire her sublime pieces of art. Tatiana opened her first gallery 25 years ago and is now recognized as THE specialist of contemporary figurative art in Paris. She permanently represents about twenty European artists, painters and sculptors, confirmed talents or rising stars."

Martine de Richeville

Galerie Tatiana Tournemine / PAris



Martine de Richeville, the specialist of the slimming manual remodelling, teams-up with Detox-Delight.

"I have chosen to partner with Detox-Delight in order to optimize the results of my treatment. Indeed, one of the specificities of our Remodelage is to free toxins imprisoned in fat cells; a Detox-Delight diet, administered for 3 to 5 days, will boost the elimination of these toxins via one's metabolism.

The Detox Delight team will also make it easy for you to stick with this diet thanks to their daily home delivery service. For your convenience, the healthy and natural menu options you select will be delivered to you every day at the place and time of your choice.

I believe these diets should not be taken over too long a period of time and should be staggered in such a way as to avoid any mineral deficiency. The process requires some perseverance and one should not get discouraged in the early stages of the treatment. For example, one common side effect in the elimination of toxins can be temporary headaches or dizziness. However, I believe the end result to be truly worth the effort.

I strongly recommend this detox treatment as a way to purify your digestive system as opposed to a weight loss technique.. Personally, I complete one day detox treatment each week."

Martine de Richeville

Detox Delight / PAris




"I chose to partner with JusJus because they are the pioneers in Belgium of the home delivered raw juice detox cleanse and offer a high quality service. Vegetables used are ORGANIC AND GROWN LOCALLY for most.

Recipes and menus are innovative and varied. Didi Delgado and her husband Alain, the founders of JusJus, share with Martine Richeville this LOVE OF A WELL DONE JOB and quality of service. It is therefore natural that this collaboration was born and that we are glad to share it with you.

As part of this partnership, a code for an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT on JusJus’ cleanses will be provided upon request to our Brussels' clients.


Martine de Richeville

Jus-Jus / Brussels