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Specific instructions related to the COVID 19 epidemic:

If you have any concerns regarding your possible contamination or contact with an infected person, please cancel your session by specifying the reason. You will not be charged for this cancelled session.

If you have a cough or fever, please cancel your appointment. Again, you will not be charged. 

Please respect our safety measures. We request that you wash your hands and wear the MANDATORY mask in our centers, except during a facial treatment, during which time your therapist will wear specific protection.

Please ensure you can attend your scheduled appointment.  We will optimise customer flow to ensure that we do not have more than one client in the waiting room and payment area at the same time. If you are more than 5 minutes late and depending on the scheduling circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your session and you will be charged.

We will automatically send a confirmation the day before your appointment. To ensure that you receive our confirmation, please check that our emails do not go into “spam” and configure your inbox accordingly.

Many thanks for your understanding