Remodelage for women

Cellulite is not a life sentence.

However, even though it is not a death sentence, 90% of women will face the orange-peel syndrome at some point in their life! Many slim bodies hide some cellulite.

We all have a stressful life, radical food habits, and very often a lack of self-confidence. These constitute several good reasons for our body to store fat in order to protect itself. If you want to get rid of this fat there is no miracle solution: a balanced diet, regular physical activity and targeted remodelling are the only efficient and non-invasive tools.

You want to act thoroughly and FOR the long term.

By working to release the stronghold cellulite develops on the body's tissue, the Remodelage Martine de Richeville® improves the productivity of the fibroblast. Skin elasticity is therefore restored.

The Remodelage also acts efficiently on areas of the body other treatments tend to leave behind (buffalo's hump, arms, buttocks, belly and calves). It is a process suitable for women at all stages of their lives, and can be particularly beneficial during key hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause).

Price on demand.